Double Stable Block and Tack Store

Case Study One: Project Outlines

Create and install new Double Stable Block and Tack Store to new Arena.

Location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland

internal stable wall ireland

Having been reached by our very enthusiastic client Joanne we were tasked to create the perfect stable block for her new Arena. Having considered installing block stables Joanne thought she would take a look at alternative stable solutions available in Ireland.

We explained how our timber stables are constructed and built to last a life time. And not only that, they can be installed on site in only a matter of days.

We drew up a basic lay-out and sketch and quickly got to work.

 stable floor plan ireland

stables ireland

Specifications for Double Stable and Tack Store:

  • Machine pressure treated framing (100mm x 50mm)
  • Machine pressure treated weatherboard cladding (19mm)
  • Non drip box-profile tin roof sheeting (Black)
  • Anti-chew strips
  • Full set of galvanised hinges, pad bolts, kick bolts and cabin hooks
  • Weld-meshed protected window (toughened glass)
  • Full height internal lining (18mm 8×4 OSB sheeting)
  • Guttering and downpipes

The finished result was just what our client was looking for.

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