Stunning Finnish Log Cabins

Contemporary, Eco-Friendly, Beautiful Log Cabins

Available throughout Ireland

 log cabins ireland


With our partners in Finland we have been delivering high end quality Log Cabins throughout Ireland with an absolute commitment to produce the very best for all our clients.

Unique and individually designed we’re sure we can create the perfect model for your new home.

log cabins ireland

Manufactured from the best quality, slow grown Pine and Spruce timber in Finland ensures our Preloc Log Cabin range will maintain it’s structural integrity for decades.

Easily and correctly maintained Log Cabins simply get better with time. Allowing you to spend many years in complete comfort in your very own Dream Home.

Why choose the Preloc Log Cabins here at Whitethorn?

  • Natural energy efficient insulator
  • Excellent acoustic values and sound absorption
  • Lower heating costs
  • Slow grown timber for strength and durability
  • Sustainable and renewable building material
  • Beautiful natural finish

log cabins ireland log cabins ireland

log cabins ireland log cabins ireland

Log Cabin Specifications:

log cabins ireland

Log Cabin Homes that are great for you and the Environment:

As all our cabins are predominantly made of timber they hold great ecological benefits for people and the environment. As a material that naturally breathes, log cabins maintain the ideal oxygen and air humidity levels within their construction.

All our Preloc Log Cabins can come in a variety of Log and Wall types:

Laminated Logs are constructed of lengths of timber which are glued together.

The finished product gives an elegant, smooth, clean finish. Laminated logs are much less prone to twisting or warping and by gluing the lengths together we can achieve a much thicker, heavier structure.

log cabins Ireland log types

All our differing Preloc Log Cabin wall joints are perfect to suit many builds and log cabins of different uses. Some should be used for larger structures and others for smaller more economical builds. Our insulated wall types help add even higher eco qualities to the already high standard of timber Log Homes.

log cabin cross corner   log cabins city notch joint    log cabins cross corner insulation joint   cross corner outside insulation wall joint

log cabin dovetail joint   log cabin dovetail wall joint   log cabin twin skin

Residential Log Cabins

All Cabins can be custom built and designed to specific client requirements. CONTACT US TODAY for a free design consultation and quote.

log cabins ireland

Ever increasing in popularity our Finnish Log Homes are a great alternative to the bricks and mortar style living.

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